DP Electronic Recycling

Recycling Programs

Invest in the protection and future of our environment when you properly dispose of e-waste. E-waste should be removed from traditional landfills due to potentially hazardous materials.

DP will do a full evaluation of your current program and assess for any improvements that can be made and how we can improve upon your current program. Thus creating completely customizable programs for you and services that are needed by your organization to create a win-win for both parties.

We strive to relieve your pain points in your current program and have documented processes for all of our processes to ensure that everything is handled the same way every time it is sent to DP.

So if you utilize any of these services we can create a program for you.

Data Destruction

Mobile Data Desrtruction

Asset Management

Reverse Logistics

End-of -Life Recycling


DP Electronic Recycling is proud to accept a wide range of materials. If it plugs into a wall or runs on batteries, we'll take your electronic recycling!