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At DP Electronic Recycling we offer a host of services to meet your specific e-waste recycling needs whether you are an individual or business.

Electronic Recycling
End-of-life electronic recycling is the de-manufacturing or disassembly of electronic devices. We operate using best practices that minimize the environmental exposure to hazardous waste and maximize the recyclability and recovery of valuable components.

Asset Management
In times where every penny counts, we realize the importance of value recovery on companies used and obsolete electronic equipment. We can provide companies with a return on investment on certain equipment, while saving them recycling fees on electronic recycling.

Data Destruction
We offer clients the confidence of secure data destruction. We meet all the requirements of the Department of Defense for the sanitation of digital media. Data security is an important issue for our clients and we have made it an important issue to us.

Mobile Data Destruction
We have the “state of the art” mobile data destruction equipment to assist your company with the appropriate data destruction solutions.

Electronic Resale
Our retail outlet provides an opportunity for the sale of used and refurbished electronic equipment.


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