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DP Electronic Recycling acknowledges the responsible of each individual, every community and every company for working together toward the preservation of our environment; DP makes this effort successful by extending our services in a manner that encompasses the greatest variety of electronic recycling needs.

Individuals benefit from our convenient drop off & pick up options and the comfort in knowing “We will recycle anything that runs on batteries or plugs into a wall…even appliances!”

Communities & municipalities can work with DP by providing drop site locations for their residents which DP will regularly collect for recycling. The utmost care is taken for the consideration of data stored on electronics collected.

Collection Events are available to provide an opportunity for collecting electronic waste while contributing to a cause for other organizations. DP will provide on-site services to ensure the collections are secure & successful.

Businesses and manufacturers will benefit significantly from the variety of services DP offers, such as reverse logistics, asset management and data destruction are an invaluable resource. Our onsite capability puts DP a step above the rest!

Please see our Services Offered page for additional information and to contact us.

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