DP Electronic Recycling

Culture & Core Values

Mission Statement: To be a world leader in electronic recycling while preserving our environment utilizing innovation and technology.


Our culture is based on a few core values that provide the foundation upon which DP Electronic Recycling was built and which it operates on today.


Core Value # 1 Integrity and Honesty

Posses the quality of truthfulness, straight forwardness and has strong moral principles

Core Value # 2 Exceptional Customer Service

Committed to exceeding client expectations in every way

Core Value # 3 Accountability and Teamwork

Assumes responsibility for actions, products, decisions and policies to ensure the successes of the team

Core Value # 4 Family and Community

Promotes positive beliefs and ideals, demonstrates social responsibility and gives back to their community

Core Value # 5 Passion and Drive

Enthusiastic, energetic, and competitive