DP Electronic Recycling

What We Do

Welcome to DP Electronic Recycling; where ingenuity, quality and integrity meet environmentally sound solutions to e-waste recycling and disposal.

DP Electronic Recycling is a full service electronic recycler located in Wisconsin. We specialize in end-of-life recycling (e-waste), asset management, data destruction and electronic purchasing options. Electronic waste (e-waste) is a growing pandemic that affects all levels of our global community. We are living in an age where the manufacturing, extensive use and subsequent discarding of electronic equipment and devices are commonplace. The hazardous and valuable materials contained in these electronic devices, when not properly disposed of, will continue to pollute and consume our environment for generations to come.

It is our obligation as responsible individuals and businesses to utilize environmentally friendly and ethical resolutions to the problem of e-waste.

DP was created to solve problems with recycling. We use technology and innovation to find ways to create environmentally safe ways to process electronics.