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DP Electronic Recycling, Inc. is a privately owned company operated by original founder and President Dale Helgeson. DP Electronic Recycling was founded in 2010 in response to Wisconsin’s ban of landfilling electronics.  The company currently operates one facility that is located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin where we process all of the electronics that come to us for recycling.

“The need for safe and cost-effective ways to recycle our electronics is only going to grow. We have a responsibility to our children, grandchildren to keep the electronics that make our lives easier out of landfills. The electronics industry, large and small businesses from all sectors, and consumers need an electronic recycler that they can trust, and that is exactly who DP Electronic Recycling is. We’re privately owned and committed to the best possible service for all of our clients. Our sound environmental solutions and comprehensive data security at every level of handling make us someone clients can trust”  - Dale Helgeson

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We have a team committed to informing, encouraging and inspiring people to recycle their e-waste. This mentality starts with top management and cycles down to the front lines of operations. E-cycling isn’t only our job, it is our culture, and it doesn’t begin and end with electronic recycling.  We have a sustainability strategy that includes recycling of materials used for business operations.  It is a long-term vision to be a self-sustainable company with the use of emerging technology.

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